Notice for open presentation ENG 2020-06-25
The following announcements are made in relation  to the open presentation and jury of the International Competition for Cheongju New Cityhall.

1. The City of Cheongju decided to release the review process of the competition to the public according to the interest and support of Cheongju citizens.
2. In order to more accurately convey the concept and contents of architect’s proposals to the jury and public, the submission deadline of only presentation materials (ppt presentation or other materials) is postponed as follows.

Submission contents : presentation PPT or presentation materials
Submission date : July 13(Mon) 13:00(UTC+09)
Submission place : Dongbu Changgo, Bldg #34
How to submit : 
in person – Dongbu Changgo, Bldg #34
by email : or 

※ Reference        
When submitting by email, be sure to confirm that it has been submitted.
If a presentation is not submitted within the deadline, the presentation is considered to be abandoned.
Submitted presentations cannot be revised or supplemented.
Presentations may not be written to indicate who the participants are.(anonymous)